10 Things to see and do during your holiday in Poland

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Poland holiday

Poland is one of the most prominent destinations for a holiday with-in the Europe, we got you covered with the tourist attractions in Poland.

Low-cost airways and reasonably-priced activities have encouraged more and more people in recent years to come and experience Poland tours.

Here are the top 10 things to see and do during your holiday in Poland.

1. Spot bison in Bialowieza Forest

  • Bialowieza Forest is considered one of the final swathes of primeval wood in Europe.
  • It’s also domestic to the only final European bison in Poland, which has been delivered back into wildlife from a few captive pairs.

2. Auschwitz: museum and memorial

  • Auschwitz is perhaps the most emotional and sobering reminder of the horrors of the Nazi regime in Europe.
  • It’s not only a museum but a memorial to the Holocaust and the destruction of the European Jews.
Auschwitz Poland

3. Saunter across the Gdansk Old Town

  • To delve into the Gdansk Old Town is to taste the fusion of Germanic, Baltic, Scandinavian, and Slavic effects at play in Polish tradition and architecture.

4. Wander the Krakow Old Town

  • From the needle-like spires of St Mary’s Basilica to the winding and weaving cobblestone alleyways, to the brilliant Market Square and the half-remaining medieval Town Hall, there are many reasons why this good-looking and historic place was one of the first urban UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Canary Islands holiday

5. Stroll via the Warsaw Old Town

  • • The tiring efforts of the locals in recreating their ancient center in the Middle Ages has been called the boldest reconstruction project in history.

6. Hike the Tatra Mountains

  • The shimmering mountain lakes and the stunning staw valleys of the Tatra Mountains never fail to draw a gasp.
  • Covered in fir bushes and rock-ribbed hills, they rise to 2,655 meters above sea level.

7. Wonder at Malbork Castle

  • In the middle of high partitions and spiky turrets, extraordinary bulwarks, and formidable gatehouses, the mighty Malbork Castle is amongst the most spellbinding medieval relics within the country.

8. See the Slowinski National Park

  • Bubbling up from the Baltic beaches of northern Poland, the covered reserves of Slowinski National Park are famed for their shifting nature.

9. Ski-in Zakopane

  • Talking of Zakopane, this hearty city of timber-clad cottages and highland taverns, in the innermost southern reaches of the country, is a common location to ski in Poland.
Poland Ski Holiday

10. Discover the islands of the Wroclaw Old Town

  • Wroclaw‘s Old Town is unfolded over a series of islets at the Oder River.
  • It means some of the arched bridges join the cobbles of the Salt Market Square with the Gothic tops of the Town Hall.

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