An American Imitation in Africa

by Maure Nava
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An American Imitation in Africa

Have you ever come across a flag that is almost like America’s? 

Do you know that this country’s architecture matches the architecture in Washington, D.C.?

Are you aware that this country has modelled its politics after America?

It feels like this country imitates America. Doesn’t it?

Liberia is known as America in Africa. Liberia means liberty in Latin. But, you might wonder, “liberty from who?”

American Influence 

American Influence on Liberia
American-Influenced Liberian Kid
  • Liberia models their school curriculum off America. 
  • Liberians speak English, and they even have an American accent. 
  • The licence plates of the vehicles are remodelled after America.
  • Even the basketball league, LBA (Liberia Basketball Association), imitated the NBA (National Basketball Association). 
  • Moreover, even though Liberia has its own currency, it accepts but also prefers the U.S. dollar.

It is clear that he Liberian culture is soaked in American influence. But why?

History that Howls

In 1822, the American Colonization Society established a country called Liberia in Africa for freed slaves. As a result, thousands of American blacks returned to Liberia to their roots between 1822 to 1892.

Liberia was America’s only African colony and is the oldest independent state in West Africa, dating back to 1847. It explains the ties between Liberia and the U.S.

The capital of Liberia is Monrovia, and the Monrovian museums showcase Liberian history.

Liberian National Museum
Liberian National Musuem, Monrovia

History is difficult and dark. Yet, the Liberian culture turned out to be vibrant and fascinating. The people are cool and friendly, warm and welcoming. The country has a wide range of diverse people with sixteen ethnicities. The Liberians look up to America. Especially the youngsters see America as a paradise. 

Nature that’s Rich

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Yet, despite the challenges Liberia faces, the country never fails in terms of its affluent nature. There are efforts from various organisations to nurture the country’s economy. But its nature nurtures itself.

The country is abundant, from lagoons, sandbars, marshes, and mangrove swamps to grasslands, tropical rainforests and mountains.

Mountains in Liberia
A glimpse of the Liberian Nature

Liberia is home to vast parts of Upper Guinean Forest, one of the world’s significant tropical forest ecosystems rich in rare and endemic species like Pygmy Hippopotamus, Forest Elephant, African Civet, Chimpanzee, Diana Monkeys and Pangolin. 

The country’s biodiversity, landscape, and beaches are natural attractions for tourists and international visitors seeking new adventures. Some known tourist attractions are;

  1. Surf spots; Momba Beach, Fisherman Beach and Robertsport 
  2. Sapo National Park
  3. The Kpatawee Waterfalls
  4. Lake Piso 
  5. East Nimba Nature Reserve
  6. Ivory Coast
  7. Providence Island in Monrovia 
Top 8 Tourist PLaces in Liberia

In addition, the Republic of Liberia is situated on the continent’s western coast. So, it has 350 miles of sandy shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean with beautiful views. Liberia beaches are surfer’s paradise. Dear divers, the excellent deep sea sport fishing for tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, and wahoo awaits.

Liberian Beaches
Liberian Beachside
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Tourism is yet to be developed in Liberia. There are only a few attractions that have facilities that cater to international visitors. Yet, it is worth visiting Liberia to experience the incredible nature that Liberia proffer and, of course, the American imitations in an African Land.

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