Best Credit Cards for Travel Junkies in 2024

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Credit Cards

Table of Contents :

  • Popular Travel Credit Cards Types:
  • How to choose a travel credit card?
  • When to choose a travel Credit card?
  • Best travel Credit Card Options:
  • How to utilize your travel credit card to its fullest potential?
  • Why Consider a Travel Credit Card?
  • Insider Secrets, Credit Lenders Keep Hidden from You

“Why shell out an extra £500 or £1000 on your travel expenses when you can take advantage of travel credit and save some money?”

With travel credit, you can earn rewards and bonuses for using your credit card to pay for flights, hotels, and other travel expenses. They can be an excellent option for frequent travellers looking to earn rewards and perks while on the road.

So, before booking your next trip, consider the benefits of using travel credit to make the most of your money and get the most out of your travels.

Popular Travel Credit Cards Types:

Credit Card TypesAmenities
Airline Credit Cards:These cards offer rewards and perks specifically for airline travel, such as free checked bags, priority boarding, and miles that can be redeemed for flights.
Hotel Credit Cards:These cards offer rewards and perks specifically for hotel stays, such as free nights, room upgrades, and loyalty program points.  
General Travel Credit Cards:These cards offer rewards and perks that can be used for various types of travel expenses, such as flights, hotels, rental cars, and more.  
Co-Branded Credit Cards:These cards are offered in partnership with a specific airline or hotel brand and offer rewards and perks that are specific to that brand.  
Business Travel Credit Cards:These cards are designed specifically for business travel expenses and offer rewards and perks that are tailored to business travellers.  
Premium Travel Credit Cards:These cards often come with a high annual fee but offer premium benefits such as airport lounge access, travel credits, and concierge services.
Cash Back Travel Credit Cards:These cards offer cash-back rewards on travel purchases, such as flights, hotels, and rental cars.
International Travel Credit Cards:  These cards are designed for frequent international travellers and offer benefits such as no foreign transaction fees, travel insurance, and emergency assistance services.
Types of Travel Credit Cards

How to choose a credit card?

Choosing a travel credit card can be overwhelming with so many options available. Look for a card with low or no annual fees, competitive rewards, and a sign-up bonus. Additionally, ensure the card is widely accepted internationally and offers travel protections such as insurance and coverage for cancellations, baggage delay, and loss.

Don’t forget to check for other fees such as foreign transactions and cash advance fees.

By taking these factors into account, you can find a travel credit card that fits your needs and saves you money on your travels.

When to choose a credit card for travel?

A travel credit card is a good choice if you frequently travel, whether for work or leisure. It can help you earn rewards such as points or miles that can be redeemed for travel-related expenses such as flights, hotel stays, and rental cars.

Additionally, many travel credit cards offer travel protections such as trip cancellation/interruption coverage, baggage delay/loss coverage, and travel insurance However, if you rarely travel, a travel credit card may not be the best option for you.

Best Credit Card Options:

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which card is best for your specific needs. In this list, we have highlighted the best credit cards for travel based on various features such as luxury travel, overall rewards, hotels, dining, and bonuses. Below is a list of the UK’s

best credit card for travel, that is rated according to their special added benefits;

From points to lounge access, these cards can make any travel junkie’s dream vacation more affordable and luxurious. The table of contents below aims to provide detailed information about the listed credit cards, including their features, benefits, and SignUp Bonus.

Travel Credit Card: Best for: Pros and Cons: Other Benefits:Signup Bonus:

Halifax Clarity

Travel Credit Card for Beginners  

* 0% Foreign Transaction Fees
*No cash withdrawal fee  

*Immediate Interest charged on cash withdrawals  
*Credit Limit of £1200

*The Mastercard exchange rate will set money spent abroad on that day  
30,000 Signup Bonus
Barclaycard Avios Plus, MasterCard  Overall Travel Rewards Card  
*More acceptance from retailers  
*1.5 Avios Points for every £1 spent  
*Cabin Upgrade vouchers for British Airways Every 12Months  


*Card Charges 2.99% on Foreign Transactions
*High APR (23.9%)
*£240 Annual Fee
Cabin Upgrade Option:

*Euro Traveller  to  Club  Europe  

*World Traveller Plus to Club World on the long-haul routes    
25,000 Signup Bonus
Barclaycard Rewards Visa  Overall Travel Rewards Card
*One simple cashback rate
*No annual fee
*No fees for spending overseas, including cash withdrawals
*Free Apple subscriptions for up to 5 months    

*Relatively high APR
*No 0% period on purchases or balance transfers
*Higher cashback rates available.
*0.25% cash back on everyday purchases  

*No fees for cash withdrawals at home or overseas

*Discounts on live events

*Free Apple Subscriptions:
-Apple TV
-Apple Music
-Apple News+    
60,000 Signup Bonus                   
Platinum Card® from American Express Flights
& Hotels  

*High Rewards on Flights & Hotels *Airport Lounge Access
*Travel Benefits & Elite status on Hilton and Marriot        

*High Annual Fees
*Reward rate outside travel is below average  
*Free Airline credit on selected airlines  

*Elite Status on the number of Hotel chains  

*Digital Entertainment Credit  
60,000 Signup Bonus
American Express® Gold CardOverall best credit cards for travels
*High Rewards Transfer Options
*Upto 5 authorized users for 0 additional annual fee    

*No lounge benefits
*High APR
*Limited Carry balance option  
*No fee for the First Year  

*Two annual lounge passes  

*Credit Limit of £1200      
20,000 Signup

How to utilize your cards for travel to the fullest potential?

  • Understand the rewards program: Familiarize yourself with the rewards program of your travel credit card. Know how to earn and redeem points or miles and the value of each point or mile.
  • Maximize bonus categories: Many travel credit cards offer bonus points or miles for certain categories such as dining, hotels, or airlines. Use your card for these categories to earn more rewards.
  • Use the card for all travel expenses: Use your travel credit card for all travel expenses to earn more rewards. This includes flights, hotels, car rentals, and dining out.
  • Pay the balance in full: Pay your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges. This will allow you to maximize your rewards without incurring additional costs.
  • Take advantage of travel benefits: Travel credit cards offer benefits like lounge access, travel insurance, and no foreign transaction fees to save money

Why Consider credit cards for travel?

Consider getting a travel credit card if you enjoy travelling. With travel rewards, you can earn points or miles for every pound spent on travel-related expenses. These rewards can be redeemed for free or discounted travel, saving you money. Additionally, travel credit cards often come with additional travel benefits such as lounge access, travel insurance, and waived foreign transaction fees.

Insider Secrets, Credit Lenders Keep Hidden from You

  • Free Travel: Earn free travel with credit cards by planning carefully and being financially responsible. Here are some tips.
  • Credit Card Research: Research credit cards with travel rewards like airline miles, hotel points, and cashback to choose the best option for your travel goals.
  • Maximize rewards points: Use a credit card for all purchases, including bonuses for specific expenses like travel and dining.
  • Full balance payment: Pay your balance in full each month: To avoid paying interest and fees, make sure to pay off your credit card balance in full each month. This also helps maintain a good credit score.
  • Redeem your rewards wisely:  Maximize point value by looking for deals and promotions such as discounted flights and free hotel nights for reward members.
  • Keep track of your rewards points: Make sure to keep track of your rewards points and any expiration dates, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to use them.

Remember, while travel rewards can be a great way to save money on travel, it’s important to use credit cards responsibly and within your means. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or just starting out, there’s a card on this list. Choosing the best travel credit card and researching cheap best holiday destinations can help you save money and maximize your rewards when planning your next vacation

Alternative Payment Options

Do you find booking air tickets with travel cards to be difficult? Fly now and pay later can also be a viable alternative for booking your flights, allowing you to spread the cost over time. This option can make travel more affordable and accessible, especially for those on a budget.

Before selecting a travel credit card, make sure to compare and choose the one that fits your specific travel needs and spending habits. Do your ground research as much as possible with your credit lenders. Rates may vary due to several situations.

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