Do Not Take Your Passport for Granted!

by Maure Nava
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Do not take your passport for granted

An English person owns a regal navy blue colour. A New Zealander holds a black colour. A Pakistani or a Saudi Arabian owns a green colour, the same as the other Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Egypt. The colour of the passport itself holds a significant reason behind it. 

The small document named ‘Passport’ with your name and photograph holds immense power with all your travelling decisions.

What is a Passport?

Authorities issue citizens a passport for international travel and identification.

It is used to verify a person’s citizenship. When you travel outside the country, a passport is used to reclaim entry to your country. 

It is unfair not to address the visa thing when discussing passports.

There is a significant and interesting relationship between passports and visas.

What is a VISA?

VISA – Verified International Stay Approval.

A glace of a VISA

An immigration officer inks a passport to officially permit the holder to enter, exit, or remain in a country for a set duration. A visa is considered one of the most important documents when a person is travelling to another country. A visa can be valid for single or multiple visits, based on the destination you are travelling to. 

To enter any country, you need a passport. But to enter some countries, you do not need a visa. On the other hand, to enter some countries, you will have to get a visa on arrival. And to enter some countries, you do need a visa. 

But how do you get to know your option of visa? Your country of citizenship decides it.

What is a Passport’s Power?

Passport power is measured by the number of countries the holder can access visa-free. 

The higher the number of countries the holder can access visa-free, the higher the passport power is. 

Global Passport Index
Global Passport Index Website

The Global Passport Index is used to understand passport power. The global Passport Index is where all the countries are ranked from the most powerful passports to the least powerful passports. It is the global ranking of passports based on the travel freedom of the citizens.

Afghanistan is ranked last on the Global Passport Index. For example, an Afghan with an Afghan passport can travel to only 4 countries without a visa. It is tough to get a visa to other countries with lots of paperwork, high expenses and months of patience. 

Iraq’s Passport – Explained

What is YOUR Passport’s Power? What are the passport privileges?

After all these constraints, travel is still possible for travellers from low-ranked countries! Kick-off travelling by picking up the country first where your passport is accessible. After all, travel is for everyone. You just need some extra push.

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If you hold a passport from the high-ranked countries in the Global Passport Index, you really have passport privileges. Do not give excuses to travel. You are never busy. It is all about your priorities. Do not take your passport for granted! 

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