11 Facts about the Dwarf Tribe of Africa

by Maure Nava
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Pygmy Tribe of Africa

I would trenbolone for sale undeniably state that the remote tribes in each world are mankind at its rawest, especially in Africa.

The African continent is the home to the majority of remote tribes.

In addition to the African tribe list, there is a unique African tribe with the shortest number of people in the world and the shortest Tribe of Africa – Pygmies! Can you believe their average height is 120 centimetres (3.9 feet)?

About the Pygmies in Central Africa

11 remarkable aspects of the Pygmy tribe’s African lives

01. The Pygmies are the shortest in the world. They are, on average, 35% shorter than ordinary human beings. If you are wondering what ‘Pygmy” means, it means ‘dwarfish’ in Greek. It is fair enough. Isn’t it?

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02. There are nearly 120,000 Pygmies worldwide, but most live in Cameroon’s forests. Also, other parts of Africa; include Gabon, Uganda, Angola, Rwanda, Namibia, Madagascar, Botswana, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Zambia, the Republic of Congo (ROC) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic.

A Pygmy with a Hunting Bow and Arrow

03. Collecting fruits, harvesting spices and herbs, hunting animals like antelopes, gazelles, and more is what Pygmies do using their handmade weapons like stone arrows. In modern man’s words, Pygmies’ 9 – 5 jobs are hunting and fishing in the forest.

04. Pygmy people often change locations to find animals for hunting. Therefore, they make their own houses using trees from place to place. The houses are short as well, of course.

African Pygmy Tribe
Pygmy Houses Made out of Trees

05. Pygmies’ primary food is wild fruits like wild plums, wild mangoes, and nuts.

06. They do not have any connection with the outside world. No technology, no devices and no vehicles. They don’t even have electricity since their home is a forest, and they have a beautiful and intimate connection with the forest.

07. Pygmies have their own language. It is only spoken language, no written forms. 

08. Admirably, tattooing is a culture among Pygmies. Especially the women in the tribe tattoo their faces for beauty. 

A Pygmy Woman Flawlessly Carrying Her Baby

09. The Pygmies do not use money; they exchange whatever goods they have or services.

10. As they believe in the afterlife and the spirits of their ancestors’ presence everywhere, they hide their deceased in tree barks or caves.

11. Pygmies make their own medicine using the wind trees regardless of the denial of healthcare from the government.

Furthermore, it is possible to come across Muslims and Christians among the Pygmies who have come into contact with settled life in recent years. In fact, there is a Mosque in Cameroon for them to worship. 

Bridging Cultures in the Heart of the African Forests

Pygmies are the largest group of nomadic people left on earth who live mainly by hunting, fishing, and harvesting wild food. 

But, Pygmies have serious threats such as mining and timber production. Yet, they genuinely believe their morals to serve their thousands of years of hunting culture and continue to thrive in the African forests. It also to be mentioned that it is the oldest Tribe of Africa.

Whether we accept it or not, Pygmies represent one of the Tribe of Africa where we were at the beginning as humankind. They are a resemblance of where we came from and so not to forget it.

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