Turkey vs Greece for the Summer Holiday

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Greece vs Turkey Holiday


  1. Introduction (Turkey or Greece?)
  2. The must-visit places to visit in Turkey
  3. The must-visit places to visit in Greece
  4. Things to do in Greece and Turkey
  5. A quick comparison of Turkey vs Greece
  6. Conclusion

Both are Mediterranean countries, both have sunny and warm weather, both have beautiful coastlines, and both are Europe’s best holiday destinations.

Both are wise options. Yet, Turkey or Greece?

If you are stuck choosing Greece vs Turkey Holiday to spend your summer holiday with family, be ready to wade through the exciting information about both countries in brief. So, here is a fair comparison to help you decide.


Turkey holds a blended culture of East and West, a combination of ancient and modern culture, which attracts tourists worldwide towards it. 

A Wooden Pavilion in the Shore of Antalya, Turkey

The must-visit places to visit in Turkey

  1. Ankara – The capital city, full of architecture and textile bazaars.
  2. Antalya – Turkish Riviera along the Mediterranean coastline.
  3. Side – Where ancient Pamphylia is surrounded by sandy beaches.
  4. Istanbul – Happens to be one of the largest cities in the world.
  5. Ephesus – Turkey’s most extensive archaeological site.
  6. Marmaris – Full of historic architecture surrounded by sky-coloured water.
Easter Holiday

Another interesting attraction in Turkey is the Cleopatra Pool, featuring bubbling waters at the Pamukkale Hot Springs, an artificially constructed gift from Marc Anthony to Cleopatra.

Pamukkale, Turkey
Natural Pools in Pamukkale, Turkey

Turkey is popular for its hot air balloon rides that are available almost year-round. In addition, for outdoor activities, you can go sailing and boating since Turkey has fabulous beaches everywhere.

Turkish food is a fusion of flavours from east and west; Grilled Kebabs, flatbreads, and saksuka veg salads and mint brews. Turkey’s popular food is dolma rice leaves, kofta balls, and gozleme pastries.

Turkish Food
Turkish Saksuka Veg Salad

The Turkish currency is the Turkish Lira, and Euro is often accepted.

The best time of the year to visit Turkey is in April – May, from mid-September to mid-November. 


Greece is where western civilization was born. Philosophers Aristotle and Plato will probably pop up in your mind when you think of Greece. In fact, the rich history itself attracts tourists to Greece.

Summertime Landscape of Meteora Monasteries, Greece

The must-visit places to visit in Greece

  1. Athens – The capital city, home to the historical Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus.
  2. Santorini – Most beautiful and scenic place in Greece, with white and blue houses everywhere.
  3. Mount Olympus – Hiking tours on Mount Olympus would be one of the best experiences a hiker could get.
  4. Rhodes – Welcomes and caters for all kinds of tourists and pleases them with its sceneries, beaches, vibrant towns and much more.
  5. Meteora – A rock formation with holy monasteries built, it holds UNESCO’s world heritage statuses of both art and nature.
  6. Olympia – The birthplace of the Olympic Games.
Santaroni, Greece
The Scenic City of Santaroni

Moreover, surfing, especially windsurfing, boating, sailing, and scuba diving, are the best outdoor activities you can enjoy in Greece.

Taramasalata, dolmades, moussaka (a mix of sliced eggplant, mince, and bechamel sauce), grilled meat and Greek salads (a simple but tasty mixture of fresh tomatoes and feta cheese) are must-try Greek cuisine.

Amazingly there are over 6,000 isles and 8,400 miles of coastline in Greece; this is one of the European countries that are rich in beaches.

The currency of Greece is Euro.

Late April to early November is the best time to visit Greece..

Pros and Cons of Visiting the Greek Islands
Things to do in Greece and Turkey


  1. Visit the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens.
  2. Explore the ancient city of Delphi and its archaeological site
  3. Relax on the beautiful beaches of Santorini or Mykonos
  4. Visit the breathtaking Greek islands by boat.
  5. Visit Olympia, the ancient city that gave rise to the Olympic Games.
  6. Discover traditional Greek cuisine and culture in Athens’ Plaka neighbourhood.
  7. Hike the Samaria Gorge in Crete or the Vikos Gorge in the Zagori region
  8. Visit the museums and landmarks in the old city of Thessaloniki.
  9. Take a day trip to the stunning monasteries of Meteora
  10. Enjoy the party atmosphere and nightlife in Athens, Mykonos, or Ios.

Turkey :

  1. Discover the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and the famous Hagia Sophia.
  2. Take hot air balloon rides and witness the unique landscape of fairy chimneys and underground settlements of Cappadocia.
  3. Visit the breathtaking white travertine terraces and take a swim in the natural hot springs of Pamukkale
  4. Discover the well-preserved ancient city ruins including the Library of Celsus, the Great Theater, and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
  5. Relax on the beaches, explore the ancient cities, and enjoy the fresh seafood on Mediterranean Coast
  6. Hike up the stunning mountain to see the ancient statues and stunning sunrises and sunsets in Nemrut mount
  7. Turkish Cuisine: Enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine, including kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delight.
  8. Turkish Baths: Enjoy the rejuvenating and relaxing experience of the traditional Turkish bath or hammam.
  9. Explore Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world, to witness its historic stone carvings.
  10. Bosphorus Cruise: Take a boat tour along the Bosphorus Strait to see the city from a different perspective.
A quick comparison of Greece vs Turkey Holiday
Best Month to Visit Late April to Early NovemberMid-September to Mid-November
Best city for familiesNaxosIstanbul
Best city for couplesSantoriniAntalya
Activities Surfing / Scuba DiveHot Air Ballon Rides / Hiking
Best Hotels to stay Grace Santorini Hotel Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul
LanguagesGreek / Albanian Turkish / Kurdish
Currency used EuroTurkish Lira
Expenses (Cost of Living)47 GBP26 GBP
Most beautiful places to visitCorfu Cappadocia
Turkey vs Greece comparison

But there is an important aspect we have to consider. The cost! Is Greece or Turkey cheaper?

The average cost of a holiday to Greece is about &1000 per person per week. Therefore, Greece is an expensive travel destination overall.

The average cost of a holiday to Turkey is about $300 – $400 per person per week. Do note that you might have to apply for an e-visa to Turkey that may cost up to $60. Turkey is cheaper and better for a more budget-friendly vacation.

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After all, “What you choose also chooses you.” So, whatever country you choose, Turkey or Greece, both will give you unique experiences undoubtedly. So, Choose away; Greece vs Turkey Holiday?!

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