Is it safe to travel to Egypt – Home to the only surviving wonder of the ancient world?

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IS IT SAFE TO TRAVEL TO EGYPTis it safe to travel to egypt


  • Introduction
  • But first, – What’s the COVID-19 situation in Egypt?
  • Why do people think of Egypt as a doomed destination?
  • The million dollar question – Is it safe to travel to Egypt?
  • A few things to make your Egyptian holiday safe and unforgettable
  • Conclusion

If you’ve watched Brendan Fraser’s ‘The Mummy’, Egypt would definitely be at the top of your bucket list holiday destinations to visit. As ancient wonders go, Egypt is without a doubt in the forefront, being home to the only surviving wonder of the ancient world – The Great Pyramid of Giza. However, people have been hearing from the grapevine that it is not a safe destination to travel to. Well, we are here to give you an insight into what’s really going on! If you are thinking of travelling to this land, it is wise to know what you are getting into before you actually go ahead with it. Thus, it’s safe to say that you’ve already made a wise choice by visiting this travel blog, so keep on reading to find out whether Egypt is actually a safe holiday destination to travel to or not.

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But first, – What’s the COVID-19 situation in Egypt?

Before we move any further let’s first address the elephant in the room and get that well out of the way. It is no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted travel to and in Egypt, just as it has impacted all other holiday destinations around the globe. Authorities in Egypt are maintaining various coronavirus related restrictions across the country.

Nevertheless, the good news is that international flights to and from Egypt are well underway. However, a number of strict rules and regulations are set for tourists. Some of them are listed below:

Covid Negative PCR
  1. All travellers must provide proof of health insurance to the authorities.
  2. All travellers entering Egypt must provide a negative PCR test certificate (the test must have been taken within the past 72 hours).
  3. Passengers coming from Japan, China, Thailand, North America, South America, Paris, Frankfurt and UK’s Heathrow Airport can provide a certificate taken 96 hours prior to their departure.
  4. Paper copies of certificates are a must, no digital copies accepted.
  5. The certificates must be issued and stamped by an authorized laboratory.
  6. Wearing a mask in public is mandatory.

Why do people think of Egypt as a doomed destination?

The doom that most western countries associate with Egypt dates back to the Egyptian revolution that took place in 2011. Now, we don’t wish to bore you with a history lesson here, but let’s quickly glance through three key incidents that have led the world to believe that Egypt is ‘not safe’.

  • Marches, protests and strikes demanding President Mubarak to step down – started off friendly but escalated into violent clashes.
  • Bomb attack on a tour bus in Sharm El Sheikh, killing one tourist.
  • Attack on Russian plane leaving Sharm El Sheikh, forcing Russia to stop all flight to this destination

Being travel agents, our job is to convince you that Egypt is a safe holiday destination to travel to but, there’s no hiding the past. So, it’s better to address the issues head-on and get it out of the way once and for all. There is no doubt that Egypt has had its fair share of instability, uncertainty and terrorist attacks. However, as “every cloud has a silver lining” here’s why you shouldn’t worry about going to Egypt.

  • Political drama rarely involves tourists, and they would know better than to piss off any other country and create international conflicts.
  • Terrorist attacks can take place ANYWHERE in the world (France, U.S.A., New Zealand have also experienced terrorist attacks). Will you let that stop you from travelling?

The million-dollar question – Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

With what you’ve read above you are probably dying to find out what the real deal is. To be frank, despite what you read, IT IS QUITE SAFE TO TRAVEL TO EGYPT! This is because a large portion of this ancient land is welcoming tourists with wide-open arms. Egypt will be safe as long as you stick to your lane and abide by the travel advisories. Meaning, as long you limit your travels to certain destinations, book your tour with a reputed travel agent and overall be a smart tourist, you will be as safe as can be!


Here’s a list of reasons why you SHOULD travel to Egypt:

  1. Egypt is in need of tourism as much as we want to explore this ancient wonder.
  2. Egyptians are super friendly people, and will do their level best to make sure you have the best Egyptian experience.
  3. There is security everywhere you go.
  4. Exploring the mind-boggling pyramids and taking a cruise down the longest river in the world are two experiences you cannot simply put into words.
  5. The culture and history steeped into this nation makes it one of the most fascinating places in the world.
  6. It’s a holiday destination that can be visited all year round.

A few things to make your Egyptian holiday safe and unforgettable

1. Make sure to go with a travel guide

Going to Egypt with someone who really knows and understands its historic and cultural value is very important.

2. Abide by the travel advisories

Go only where you are allowed to go. Don’t try to take matters into your hands and go against what is recommended.

3. Watch out for pickpockets and bag snatchers

As far as crime goes, the most you’ll experience here is petty theft. Yet, keep an eye out especially when you are walking through crowded areas.

4. Go on scheduled tours to major attractions

By booking a scheduled tour, you will know beforehand what you’re going to see prior to arriving at the destination.

5. Make your bookings early

Contact a reputed holiday operator and make your bookings early in order to avoid disappointment. You might even be able to get your hands on some cheap holiday package deals to Egypt.

6. Be careful while you explore the Sahara Desert

While the Sahara Desert is magnificent in its own way, you must be mindful of where you dip your toes.

7. Be modest and respectful

Don’t forget that Egypt is a Muslim nation so, be mindful of what you wear and how you behave at all times.


Egypt is without a doubt a safe holiday destination that one must visit at least once in their lifetime. A unique blend of culture, history and adventure awaits you at this ancient mystical land, offering its visitors an experience they’ll never forget. Although there is some history of violence associated with Egypt, as tour operators, we can guarantee that Egypt is definitely safe as long you act responsibly and abide by all the travel advisories. So let go of what you may think you know, or what you may have heard, and start planning your holiday to Egypt now!

A chance to visit and experience the only surviving wonder of the ancient world is something you should not, and must not miss out on. So, what are you waiting for? Contact one of the UK tour operators right now and explore your options. The earlier you book, the better chance you would have of grabbing some amazing holiday packages to Egypt. Thus, stop worrying and start packing!

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