The Great Ocean Road Experience Australia

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Great Ocean Experience Australia


  • Introduction
  • Great Ocean Road Map
  • Things to do around ” Great Ocean Roads”
  • Perks of a Great Ocean Road Tour

A big shout out to the travel folks travelling from the UK to Australia. Especially to the ones who are road trip junkies. Have you heard of the great ocean road drive in Australia?

The Great Road is a listed Australian national heritage stretching 283km of road along the southeastern coast of Australia stretching between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. This long stretch of road is not just a road its ancient and its over 80 years old.

According to historical information, the Great Ocean Road was first planned during World War 1 and was planned with the intention of creating jobs for returning soldiers by William Calder the country roads board chairman at the time. Over 3000 soldiers were involved in the project, which began in 1919 and was completed in 1932.

They built it as a war memorial for their fellow soldiers and servicemen who had died during the war. Due to the severity of the dangerous nature of work involving explosives, several workers were killed on the job.
It is the world’s largest war memorial and is considered one of the most dangerous projects in the 20th century.

The good news to our fellow travellers is that the UK travel agent Aero Travels offer and curate travel packages for Great Ocean Road Tours from the UK

the great ocean road
Shipwreck Coast

Great Ocean Road on Map

Things to do around ” Great Ocean Road”

“Great Ocean Road is much more than just a long drive”!

The Southern Ocean, gorgeous beaches, imposing cliffs, lush rainforests, and charming seaside towns are all featured along this scenic route along Australia’s southeast coast. With its winding curves and breathtaking views, the road itself is an engineering marvel that makes for an exhilarating drive.

Visitors can behold the towering limestone formations of the Twelve Apostles, explore the untamed coastline of Great Otway National Park, and discover the area’s past in numerous museums and historical sites. There are many opportunities for hiking, surfing, kayaking, and other adventure sports.

Things to do around great ocean road

You can find some of Australia’s most opulent spa resorts and fine dining establishments along the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road has something to offer everyone, whether you enjoy the outdoors, history, or extreme sports.

Perks of a Great Ocean Road Tour

The breathtaking stretch of coastline begins in Torquay, Victoria. The roads will take you Anglesea to Lorne and then from there to Apollo Bay via the beautiful Great Otway National Park along the coast to port Campbell just before you reach your final destination of Allansford.

We offer day tours to great ocean toad from UK. Yes, you guessed it right it is very much possible for you to travel this entire stretch in one day. However, we also offer you different packages to suit your preferences. People consider the drive to offer some of the most beautiful views, with one scenic landscape topping the other.

If you are travelling to make the most of your Australian trip set aside a couple of days for this road trip as it gives you the possibility to stop to absorb the sceneries, enjoy the coastlines and allows you to blend in with the locals, play water sports, do different outdoor activities, to do a small hike etc.

It will also definitely allow you to experience the culture along with the beauty this part of the country offers.

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The drive is safe but as with any other road trip being cautious is very important as it is not easy to drive unless you are an experienced driver. The Great Ocean Road is a two-lane road with an approved speed limit of 50km/h – 100 km/h.

You are likely to find winding lanes and sharp turns which would be quite challenging if you don’t drive carefully adhering to the restricted speed limits. The drive is prone to become challenging and extremely dangerous during poor weather conditions such as rain or snow.

The best time to do the road trip would be during summer in Australia (December to February) if you are concerned on safety and weather conditions as it is the time of the year with the lowest rainfall on this route.

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Speak to us the UK travel agents Aero Travels to make this road trip a memorable one away from home.

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