The Story Behind the Dracula Castle in Romania

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Dracula Castle in Romania


  • Dracula Castle Romania: History
  • Where is Dracula’s Castle Located in Romania?
  • How Far is Dracula’s Castle from Bucharest?
  • Most Beautiful Castles in Romania
  • How Expensive is Bucharest?

“Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

Bram Stoker, Dracula (1897)

Dracula Castle in Romania is one of the most notorious attractions in the country. But, what is the real story behind this timeless myth?

The legendary blood-sucking vampire ‘Dracula” is not a stranger to anyone. Bram Stoker’s iconic character Dracula has become a household name all over the world. The stories of this bloody vampire vividly describe the ever so fascinating castle he lived in, perched upon a hill in a mystical country named Transylvania.

However, the question remains. Was this iconic vampire real?

If so, did the Dracula Castle in Romania really belong to this blood-sucking vampire?

Let’s find out!

Dracula Castle Romania: History

The original Dracula Castle dates far back to the year 1211. Like many other castles, Dracula Castle in Romania, also known as Bran Castle, was a military fortification constructed by the Teutonic Knights. In November 1377, the people of Brasov were granted permission to construct a citadel over the fortress ruins.

What was different about the Dracula castle in Romania in comparison to  other castles of that time is that it was exclusively used as a fortification to protect German colonists in Transylvania.

Dracula Castle in Romania
Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

It is also known that the Dracula Castle belonged to the Hungarian Kings for a brief period. However, due to the failure of the king to repay his debts, the castle became the property of the town of Brasov.

The most famous resident to have resided in the Dracula castle is Queen Marie of Romania, who was actually the opposite of what Dracula represents. Over the course of time, the fortress has housed many different kings, queens and colonists.

Yet, when exactly did Dracula the gruesome vampire live there?

Not to burst your bubble, but Dracula was only an imaginary mythical creature created by Bram Stoker. However, Stoker named his legendary character based on a real person, also known as Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia. His ruthless ways and cruel methods of punishing his enemies was what gained him notoriety in 15th century Europe.

Be that as it may, it is reported that Vlad the Impaler never actually lived at the Dracula Castle in Romania. In fact, he has only spent two nights at the castle, and that too as a prisoner, locked away in the dungeons!

Where is Dracula’s Castle Located in Romania?

The historical Dracula Castle is a terrifying silhouette of the castle painted by Bram Stoker’s imagination; a lonely castle perched on a steep hill surrounded by dark forests.. It is a national monument and landmark which overlooks the phenomenal vistas of Romania. Dracula Castle is definitely one of the most beautiful castles in Romania.

Dracula’s Castle in Romania might look spooky on a lonely hill, but you could think of it as a distant cousin to the fun and playful castle in “Hotel Transylvania.” They’re like long-lost twins with different personalities!


How Far is Dracula’s Castle from Bucharest?

The infamous castle is located about 200km away from Romania’s Capital, Bucharest. The fastest and the most convenient way to get there is to rent a car from Bucharest.

Capital of Romania, Bucharest

The Dracula Castle is located approximately 186km away from the Bucharest Airport and approximately 139 km away from the Sibiu Airport. However, if you are travelling by car, it would take approximately 3 hours from both Bucharest and Sibiu.

There are lots of nice hotels and other accommodation options near the castle as well as in Bucharest. Some of the accommodations are closer to the city centre while others remain more discrete. It’s solely up to you to decide if you want to live a little mysteriously or stay among the crowds.

Wanna check out the true essence of the Dracula Castle in Romania? We’ve got you covered with an undeniable deal to this eerie dark tourism destination.  

Most Beautiful Castles in Romania

While Dracula Castle is without a doubt one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, there are many others that are well-worth visiting too. So why not go Castle hopping in Romania while you have the chance?

Romania is not only one of the most value-for-money destinations but also home to some of the most impressive castles in Europe. Just as the Dracula Castle in Romania is located in a grim rocky hill surrounded by a mystical forest, the other castles are also in fairytale locations.

Peles Castle
Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

These castles are sure to surprise you with their stunning architecture and unique flair.

How Expensive is Bucharest?

Bucharest has been one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe for decades, but it is more expensive than the rest of the world.

Accommodation, restaurants, bars, and transportation cost much less than in Western Europe. On average about €20 would be sufficient for a day in Bucharest (excluding a night out and accommodation costs).

An average night out in Bucharest would cost about €40, however, that is only if you can be satisfied with just a few beers in an average pub.

If you want to upscale your night out with champagne, expensive wines, and high-end clubs, it can easily go up to a thousand dollars. Ultimately, it all comes down to preference.

Dracula Castle in Romania
View of the Dracula’s Castle in dark

In conclusion, it can be said that the Dracula Castle is a great dark tourism destination to experience at least a fragment of those old and dark times. Although Dracula is merely a fictional creation, his legend somehow lives on at the Dracula Castle in Romania.

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It should also be noted that Romania has so much more to offer than the legend of Dracula. It is a rich, diverse country with beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture. If you are planning a trip to Central or Eatern Europe, you should definitely include Romania in your travel list. It will not disappoint!

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