Top 5 Festivals of Spain to Experience in 2024

by Balari Gabadamudalige
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Spain is one of the most easy-going countries in the world and everyone knows that. It is a beautiful country located in the Mediterranean and is famous for a lot of things.

The vibrant festivals of Spain that are celebrated year-round are some of the most unique events that draw out huge crowds, both local and foreign. Every city and village, no matter how big or small, has its own special celebration.

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Out of the countless festivals that add colour to the streets of Spain each year, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 you should not miss out on this year. Keep reading to find out what exactly they are!

List of Top 5 festivals of Spain and celebrations to experience in 2024

01. La Tomatina aka The Tomato Festival

Have you ever felt like throwing a tomato at anyone? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll do at La Tomatina, the biggest food fight you’ll ever take part in. This crazy tradition which dates back to 1945, has been ranked as one of the best and most unique festivals of Spain. It is held on the last Wednesday of August annually and people from all over the world visit Spain just to take part in it.

La Tomatina

However, this one-of-a-kind traditional festival in Spain is limited to 20,000 participants. So grab your tickets fast because although it sounds like a lot, they will be sold out before you can say “tomato”.

02. Las Fallas in Valencia

The Fallas of Valencia is the biggest party to hit the streets of Valencia City around mid-March, every year. It is one of the most spectacular festivals that lights up the whole city for an entire week of festivities and celebrations. Locals create spectacular giant paper mache figures representing notable people and traditional figures of Spain. These colourful figures are then displayed in the city for the entire week. However, the real highlight of this traditional festival in Spain is when the statues are burnt in an amazing bonfire on the last night.

Las Fallas Festival
Las Fallas

03. Carnival

Although Carnival is celebrated nationwide in Spain, the celebrations in Santa Cruz de Tenerife take the crown. Colourful, rhythmic and extravagant is the best way to describe this famous festival that is held in the month of February each year. During this fiesta, the streets are filled with parades, floats, music, dancing, glitter, glamour and parties that offer loads of entertainment. One of the major highlights of this event is the stunning costume display. This is a unique Spanish festival and celebration that attracts tourists from around the globe for one of the most authentic experiences.

Spain Carnival

04. San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona aka The Bull-Running Festival

The bull-running festival is a popular yet controversial festival that draws out hundreds of eager spectators to Spain each year. It takes place during the second week of July annually. Every morning, during the week of this festivity, the participants and the bulls hit the streets with a nerve-racking race. This traditional Spanish festival which was first documented in 1951 is also filled with unique local traditions.

San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona

05. Semana Santa – The Holy Week

The holy week is one of the most anticipated festivals that is celebrated throughout Spain. It is among the most important religious festivals in Spain that pays tribute to the passion of Christ. It is held during the week leading to Easter Sunday. Throughout this entire week, members of local parishes and brotherhoods parade the streets performing penance. This Spanish religious festival is somewhat more sombre than the usual festivals in the country. Nonetheless, it is yes another unique festival of Spain that must be witnessed.

The Holy Week
The Holy Week

To sum up, Spain is a unique nation that is filled with festivities all year long. Whether it is a religious, traditional or any other type of festival, Spain has festivals for all kinds of preferences. Spanish festivals have a unique flair that cannot be witnessed anywhere else. So why delay? Visit a festival in Spain and enjoy at least one of these festivals first-hand.

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