What not to do in Amsterdam? – Coffee Shops are Not for Coffee!

by Maure Nava
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what not to do in Amsterdam

You may wonder what the fuss is about this city. So let us straightly get to the exciting things that Amsterdam offers its visitors.

Amsterdam is full of fancy bridges and lovely canals. In fact, it has more canals than Venice and has more bridges than Paris. 

The canals are filled with cruises, and the city is filled with radiant buildings, bicycle riders, and especially delicious Dutch pancakes with cream on top served in the restaurants, not in the coffee shops.

If you need a smooth vacation in Amsterdam, you must know Amsterdam’s dos and don’ts to blend in, enjoy and explore to your maximum.

1.Do not Drink or Smoke in Public

Imagine that you are sipping a bottle of Heineken, lying back in a canal cruise floating on the river, sightseeing the city. But the only thing is, you cannot. Because it is illegal to have alcohol outside the coffee shops. 

Also, there is a high chance that you will have to spend a night in the police station if you are drunk and dance on the streets.

Marijuana is totally legal in Amsterdam but only inside the coffee shops. Amsterdam’s coffee shops Marijuana is the world’s most enduring kind. 

Helpful Tip: Buying and consuming weed in trusted coffeeshops is legal safe. Do not buy from the streets. 

2.No Coffees in Coffee Shops

What is the stir about these coffee shops?

Decades ago, since Marijuana was illegal to smoke in Amsterdam, people set up a place and portrayed those places to be coffee shops to prevent themselves from police raids. But it is legal now, but the coffee shops culture stayed in the city. 

Coffee Shop in Amsterdam
Typical Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

Of course, very few coffee shops serve Coffee, but coffee shops in the city are destined to chill, rolling up Marijuana and smoke.

3.Do Not Mess with the Cyclists

Cycling is the primary mode of travel in Amsterdam, and it is called the bicycle capital of the world. In fact, the city is full of cyclists more than pedestrians. 

There are plenty of bicycle renting shops where you can rent a bike and ride around the city. 

But, do not interfere with the cyclists and the separate bike paths, which they call ‘fietspaden’. 

Cycling in Amsterdam
Cyclists in Amsterdam

Walk on the left side on the shared-use pavements. Keep cycling to the bike path and stay in your lane. Concerning your safety, wear helmets.

It is necessary to follow all traffic lights and signs, hand-signal before turning, and park respectfully in designated places. 

4.Do Not Take Too Much Advantage in the Red Light District

Red Light District
Red Light District in Amsterdam

Are you an open-minded person? If so, you can visit the Red Light District, where there are window prostitution and many coffee shops. It is one of the most unique places in the world.

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. If a red light is on in a building, a woman is available. There are sex clubs and sex theatres as well.

Do respect the sex workers and avoid photography in the Red Light District.

5. Do Not Overeat Chocolates

Food is unique in Amsterdam; Cannabis Chocolate, different cheese varieties, and special Hot Chips.

In Amsterdam, Marijuana is not only rolled and smoked; instead, it is made into space cakes and waffles. In addition, cannabis-flavoured cookies and lollipops are available in stores. But do not overeat them.

Weed Cookies
Cannabis Cookies and Lollipops in Amsterdam

If you become aware of the culture of Amsterdam and are ready to explore the city, probably the next thing that pops up in your mind would be “how many days should I stay in Amsterdam?” or “how many days do I need in Amsterdam” strike your head, here are the tips.

What to do in Amsterdam if you only have one day?

  • Sightseeing on a canal cruise. Do not forget to book the canals earlier in high seasons.
  • Visit the Royal Palace, Damrak and Dam Square.
  • Visit the Van Gogh Museum.
  • And when you are tired, maybe you can visit a coffee shop, chill, smoke up, have a light drink and take your flight with contentment.

Can you do Amsterdam in 2 days?

  • If the visit is for two days adding up to the above list;
  • Visit Anne Frank House
  • Take a tour of the incredible Heineken’s oldest Brewery. If you are not an alcoholic person, do not worry; you will be offered non-alcoholic drinks at the end of the tour. Cheers!

Are 3 days enough in Amsterdam?

  • Three days would be an ideal number of days to explore and experience the city. What can you do in Amsterdam in 3 days?
  • On the 3rd day, in the morning, rent a bicycle and cycle around the city, visit the neighbourhood of Jordaan for local shops, charming bars and cafes that actually serve Coffee. Also, you can have a pretty good look at the residential houses.
  • Do not forget to get some flowers as souvenirs in the Amsterdam Floating Flower Market on your way back home.
Amsterdam Canals
A Glimpse of the Amsterdam City

Amsterdam has very honour of being the ‘greatest of small cities in the world’.

So if you are looking for an Amsterdam City Break, Be well aware! Have fun!

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