When in India, Do as the Indians do

by Maure Nava
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Do as Indian man

When in India, remember it’s much more than the iconic buy sustanon 250 Taj Mahal photo you find on the internet—it’s a diverse experience.




India itself is a phenomenal culture created by billions of people who speak 22 languages in 28 states. The splendid landscapes, people, cultures, climates, architecture, art, and spirituality are beyond words.

The country can be chaotic yet spiritual. It can also be fulfilling yet overwhelming.

Hindu parade in India
Typical Hindu Parade

“When in Rome, Do as the Romans do.” Likewise, When in India, Do as the Indians do! When you are in a new land, you probably need leads. 

So, here are some of the interesting facts and customs,

  • Do you want to experience the rawness of India? Take the local trains in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore. It allows you to experience the raw culture of the country because a train in India will consist of people from almost all parts of the country. 
  • Indians take cricket very seriously. A bare ground or even a cemetery can be a cricket ground for them. 
  • The official languages are Hindi and English. However, English is more than enough to travel around India.
Jama Masjid Ahmedabad
Architectural Mosque in Ahmedabad – Jama Masjid
  • There are thousands of mosques, and millions of Hindu temples and most of them have fascinating histories with awed architecture. The city of Varanasi is literally the land of temples.
  • Cows are sacred – there are plenty of cows roaming around with absolute freedom in the streets of Indian cities. Therefore, you might have to respect them as well. 
  • Indian Cuisine is literally a celebration; sweet, spicy and ghee-flavoured food is served on banana leaves and at thrilling street shops.
  • You do not want to miss tasting the authentic masala Chai/Tea. It is a heavenly mixture of tea, milk, sugar, herbs and spices, and it is genuinely a consolation.
Glimpse of India

Moreover, the thing to know about india:

  • ‘Jeera’ is cumin that is coated with sugar. You will be given some Jeera after meals to eat. It tastes great and gives you a good odour in your mouth.
  • You can see ‘Kolam’ drawings in the front area of almost every Hindu house. It is disrespectful to step on Kolams as the Indians believe that Kolam invites the Goddess of Prosperity into the house.
  • Leave your footwear outside the house when you enter a house if you are invited to an Indian house.
  • If you are handing over anything to locals, use your right hand because Indians believe that it is unclean to use your left hand to initiate or give something.
  • Indians eat with their bare hands, unlike using spoons or forks. It helps to connect you with the food you eat.

Equally to the wondrous side of India, there are frustrating parts as well. Yet, expect, observe, experience and embrace what India offers you.

Rickshaw in India
Classic Auto Rickshaw/Tuk Tuk

The facts are just the colourful sprinkles on the cake. Choosing to Travel to India and take a trip around it is the only way to experience the real essence of the Indian land!

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